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Where are the Jobs the Government Promised?? – Captain Planet Questions

Written by Khobby Gharzy

NPP and NDC Governments always making False Promises finally meet their meter as Ghanaian Rapper “Captain Planet”Β blast them In a Recent interview.

Captain Planet on his side of the Story narrates how bad it is as a whole NPP and NDC Governments, the kind of false Promises they always make only to be in Power.

He Suggested that, so far as Alot of Young People, Educated and Uneducated People are struggling hard to even get some work to do, always complaining, why is the Government not able to Provide Jobs for the People in the Country rather than voicing out False Promises to get a Better Place and just watching the People suffer.

“Fix the Country” Campaign that sparked in the country was mostly on the Lack of Job Opportunities. So the Government not been able to Provide the People inside the country what the Campaign is about, was really bad.

Captain Planet in a tweet shows how confuse he is, after the Government Promised to Provide Jobs whiles it’s not working as it was Promised.

The Tweet goes like “Politicians Be Like we Added 768,000 jobs in February Alone. Unemployment Falls 3.3 % but still Boys say them no get Job do so where the Jobs all dey? 🀷🀷🀷. Watch NDC & NPP fighting under this post 🀣🀣🀣🀣

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