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Video:I Lost My Twins While ‘Fasting’ – Mzbel

Legendary songstress, Mzbel, known in real life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, insists she has had a miscarriage.

There were rumors of Mzbel miscarrying her twin babies but her rival and ex-best friend, Afia Schwarzenegger called the bluff of Mzbel.

Afia Schwarzenegger challenged her to prove her miscarriage, claiming Mzbel is lying.

Speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment show “Entertainment GH”, Mzbel affirmed her story.

She stated categorically it’s true she had a miscarriage and attributed the cause to water fasting.

According to her, she was having a water fasting when she experienced abdominal pains and rushed to the hospital where her doctor confirmed she had been pregnant but lost her twins.

“I think was not aware I was pregnant; so I started water fasting. Yeah! I even posted it on my page that I was going to start water fasting because people were telling me I look fine. And in Ghana, when people tell you you look fine, then it means you’re growing fat. So, I was uncomfortable with the way people were telling me I am fine; so I wanted to lose weight and the only way I know fast is water fasting. So I started water fasting.

“When I do the water fasting, I don’t eat but drink only water for 30 days. After seven (7) days, it felt weird because I’ve done it several times and that’s not how it is. So, one day, I started having abdominal pains and then, in the morning, I saw like drops of blood,” she disclosed.

Mzbel also put her doctor on the spot on the entertainment show via a phone call who innocently confirmed her miscarriage.

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