He admitted that Yaa Jackson was tough to deal with since she was easily misled, particularly by her brother.

The newcomer, according to the producer, never listened to anyone and did everything on her own terms.

“When I worked with her, her brother wasn’t involved in her business, and she just needed one support when she was doing anything good or terrible.” She lies low when she is advised to do things correctly or quit doing something, but she sways in that direction when she receives one encouragement to continue.

“You might tell her to do anything, and she’d reply ‘her brother says,’ and that’s when I discovered she was shouting at people and telling them things like ‘you should be earning more than you are making,’ and other things,” he explained.

He stated that he was profoundly wounded by how Jackson treated his daughter throughout the time they worked together, and that his father, K Bentum, was supportive of his daughter’s activities.

He said Yaa Jackson’s father believed he was wasting money from her daughter’s concerts.

Yaa Jackson was given 70% of the money they made during gigs, according to the former manager, with the highest compensation being 12,000 cedis and the lowest being 1500 cedis.

Source : Dklassgh.com