Instructions to take screen captures on your Android telephone

Screen captures are helpful. You can utilize them to tell your grandparent the best way to utilize another application. You can utilize them to send an injection of that odd blunder message to your organization’s IT office. You can utilize them to catch tweets — yours or another person’s — before they vanish down the erasure dark gap.

Techniques to take screen captures can vary contingent upon the form of Android your telephone is running, and furthermore on who produced your telephone. For this situation, we utilized a Pixel 3 telephone to make screen captures utilizing Android 11, and a unique Pixel to make screen captures with Android 10.


Hold down the force catch and press the volume-down catch. Or then again…

Utilize the performing multiple tasks sheet, which shows all your current applications, to uncover the Screenshot button. Tap the catch to take a screen capture of the obvious page. our clarification here

In any case, the screen capture will show up as a thumbnail in the lower left corner. Tap on the thumbnail to alter it, share it, or erase it.

After you’ve taken the screen capture, it will quickly show up as a littler form and afterward vanish. A warning will show up at the head of your screen telling you that the screen capture is being spared, and afterward, in almost no time, it will be supplanted by a drop-down that, on the off chance that you tap it, will allow you to share or erase the screen capture or make some fundamental alters. That drop-down will likewise vanish following a couple of moments, however on the off chance that you check your upper left warnings bar, you’ll see one for that screen capture.

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Some Android telephones (for instance, certain Samsung and Huawei telephones) let you take “long” screen captures, where you can look over the screen down and catch the whole page. Check your telephone’s help pages in the event that you figure you may have that. It tends to be convenient.


In the event that you need to discover all your past screen captures, and you’re utilizing Android 10 or prior:

Go to your Photos application

Tap on the three equal lines in the upper left corner

Select “Gadget organizers” > “Screen captures”

In the event that you need to discover all your past screen captures, and you’re utilizing Android 11:

Go to your Photos application

Tap on “Library” in the lower right corner

Under the class “Photographs on gadget” you should see one symbol with “Screen captures” under it. Tap on that.



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