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I Never Be into a Relationship till i got Married – Joyce Blessing

Written by Khobby Gharzy

Joyce Blessing, the multiple award-winning gospel artist, declared that she never strayed from her husband, Dave Joy after reports of a failed paternity test surfaced in their marital home.

A few weeks ago, Joyce Blessing’s husband, Dave Joy, was believed to want to know if their three children were his biological offspring.

According to Kwesi Aboagye, Dave Joy took the DNA test without Joyce Blessing’s permission, and the DNA test indicated that one of the three children was not his.

It upsets Joyce Blessing when strangers talk about her as if they knew her well. They have, however, never had any personal contact with her.

Joyce Blessing remarked, “I have never dated two people at the same time. Nooooo. I’ve never gone out with two men at once before. And before my marriage, I had never dated anyone. It’s a pain, too. People who talk about others as if they’ve known them for a long time irritate me. In the meantime, they have never met the individual in question. “

Meanwhile, the gospel singer has remained silent about the DNA rumors.

Because a man’s collapse does not signal the end of his life, I think that everyone deserves a second opportunity. As a result, I will give everybody a second opportunity, “she said.



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