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Ghanaians Bore As “Kosua Ne Meko” Price Increases

Ghanaians have their favorite nibble of the day which is designated “Kosua ne Meko”. “Kosua” is the Twi name for egg an “Meko” is the Twi name for pepper. This have become a rewarding business and have utilized numerous individuals.

This egg and hot sauce also called “kosua ne meko” is in a real sense a full dinner all alone. You can eat it to be free for couple of hours. This formula goes with water as a result of the hot nature of pepper.

The advantages from this food is basically stunning as both egg and pepper carries distinctive nutritious nutrients to the body framework. The eggs is liable for the exceptionally high – quality protein. It additionally contains every one of the nine basic amino acids in the perfect sums required by the body for ideal development and support.


The pepper gives the body low calories and are stacked with acceptable sustenance. All assortments are great wellsprings of nutrients An and C, potassium, folic corrosive, and fiber can be find in the pepper.

The motivation behind why the scrumptious tidbit is moving on Ghanaian aviation routes is the costs. The cost of this delicacy has expanded from 1. 00 to 1. 50ps in the Ghanaian market. The vast majority are daze and don’t see how the cost might have expanded like that with no earlier notification

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The egg darlings in Ghana are contemplating whether the chickens have quit laying eggs. The cost climb have been the expansion of the feed to the chicken and the expense of work at the poultry. Since the costs at the retail community have been expanded, the dealers should likewise build the cost.

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This formula is Ghana’s most loved particularly during noon. The value climb will raise many eye temples however it is supportive of the benefit of the merchants. The business is getting extremely worthwhile and it won’t be a shock to see more Ghanaians adventure into the business.

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