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EX – One entertainment,has stripped off Ada, the first runner up for MISS WESTERN 2020 crown and position.

We have noticed with great remorse, how the news about our former first runner up for miss Western 2020 has been recieved by the public with some questions, comment being it positive and negative, where our followers are quite anxious to know what really caused the stir even though the caption spoke about some of the reasons for the decisions. The management of ex one entertainment would want to appeal to the conscience of our followers especially great fans of Miss western 2020, on this sad but necessary action to help protect the brand and also maintain sanity, peace and love in the organization.
Miss Ada, the delegate and our previous first runner up for Miss Western 2020, has been one of the topmost delegate, since the the start of this pageant. No doubts of one enjoying her beautiful communication skills, awesome presentation and stagecraft, confidence and above a dark melanin toppled with a beautiful smile that could cause the night to have a touch of the sunlight. It saddens the heart of us in the organization, after all these good traits of the young youthful lady, she has some traits that are quite a puzzling to go by. A classical situation



for this case is where during one of our in house activities, the young lady poured insults as hard as sulphuric acid on the organization which was later known to us. Honestly the faith decided for her in those moments were to allow her to exit the competition yet another thought was to allow her go through grooming and training as they visit the event house for we know it is our vision to always impact on the lives of the youth. We would not say Miss Ada has been the only one who demonstrated such traits during the in house days, as humans we face these things with friends and families, work and even in church (Opanka would say, wo y3 a y3 b3 ka, wo any3, y3 b3 ka, fi s3 obiaa ni no taste.) yet with time, patience and practice, we tried to alter these traits from some of these young ladies, for others also also left with their traits, we wish them well.
One way or the other, the grand finale was like an Anas expose to us, where we realized some shocking attitudes and behaviors from our humble delegate, Ada where her fans kept cheering her up in all throughout the program. Even though she won the votes, vote was not the only paramater to take home the crown for performance and other in house activities were all part of taking home the bragging rights. She emerged first runner-up after a long misunderstanding that night. Delegates were supposed to return with us to the event house but Ada left with no one’s permission, came the next day, with full disrespect, dishonor and anger with her manager to ask that she wants to come for her items. To stop all confusion, she was given the chance to do what her heart pleases. She later went ahead to call some of our last queens to render her complains and also insult them so well that one can not imagine, not forgetting the how her mother also called one of our groomers to insult, and also reign insults on her and also threatening her life. Ada went a long way to also block everyone who is related to Ex-one entertainment and also rejected the crown and other prices. In this regard we wonder how she would coordinate with her queen in their regional tour and project execution. One of the most worrying, we were all shocked is for Ada’s manager calling Aseda foundation, a whorehouse and Madam Diana Adjei a pimp who goes to rural areas and bring the apprentices whose lives are being touched with artisanal skills, for them to be sleeping in kiosks to engage in prostitution. We are Honestly Ada’s new actions has never been good to us as an organization on this matter. We even got surprised to see her leverage on the brand’s and the pageantry to eulogise herself after declaring she has nothing to do with miss Western anymore, yet she used Miss western in almost everything she has done publicly from her social media handles, to a party with her friends where she used our Satch and decided to get her own crown to show her fame. . We are quite sad about the situation but we believe this is the necessary actions to be taken.

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