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Application Form and Certificate for Sturrbon Academy been Put out by Medikal

Written by Khobby Gharzy

Samuel Frimpong Medikal has released an application form for his Stubborn Academy school, as well as a picture of the diploma that each student would get.

They recently released the single “Stubborn Academy,” and today they released a screenshot of their forms, implying that they are recruiting new members for their Stubborn Academy, as well as the certificate they would receive afterwards.

This Stubborn Academy appears to have progressed from a fantastic song to an actual academy now that a form for registration is available, as well as a diploma to be issued after serving for an unspecified amount of time.

According to the certificate, it’s a test of your loyalty, sincerity, hard work, and dedication while working with them, which implies you’ll be under Medikal or whoever you were assigned to for a length of time.

Some of his most ardent admirers expressed interest in attending his Stubborn Academy, while his colleagues mocked him for taking it so seriously with his Stubborn Academy, which began as a simple song.



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