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Always I Choose My Career Over Love – Efia Odo

Written by Khobby Gharzy

Efia Odo, a Ghanaian actress, and video vixen has stated that she will never choose love, relationships, or love over her work.

Efia Odo stated why she will pick her job before a boyfriend or love in an interview on ETV Ghana’s Girl Vibes. She believes that if you compromise your work for a man, he will abandon you one day, so she will prioritize her profession above men.

“I’m not going to give up my work for love because that man may abandon me at any time, and I’ll regret not doing what I love.” Bye Boo, you have to live your dream because a guy, a woman, or anybody advised you not to. At the door, there’s another man waiting for me. “

Mercy Bee, the host, asked Efia Odo whether she believed it would be difficult for her to find a guy willing to marry her because of her social standards. Efia stated that she does not feel it will be tough since she believes in love and that she does not let her famous lifestyle impact her relationships while she is in them.

Efia Odo went on to say that communication is the cornerstone of all relationships. She stated that she believes a relationship can succeed and even lead to marriage if the couple communicates effectively.

Ignore the fact that I’m an influencer. I’m a human being, and I’m sure there are certain things I do that you don’t like, and you should tell me about them so we can find a middle ground. ” I’ve dated people who didn’t communicate well, and we ended the relationship after three months because we couldn’t communicate, she explained.



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